Our API integration service can help your team access data from 3rd party system and update on the go.

Our solutions enable secure access to tightly controlled data views, data sharing and data processing across systems

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) let applications talk to each other. An API usually allows two applications to share data across the internet.

To access other people’s APIs your application or website first needs access (eg, an account), then it needs to make appropriate requests and the capability to read/process the responses.

An alternative is when you provide an API so that other applications can access your data. This requires the appropriate security and coding to ensure the right people get access to the right data, and no more.

System Integration is the process of bringing together disparate systems into one shared system or combining data from multiple systems into one.

DB Gurus have created a number of APIs for clients, allowing third party systems to securely access tightly controlled data views.

We have years of experience with integrating systems to share data, access other APIs and process data into client systems.

Our experience helps us quickly identify and resolve performance issues and blocks. This allows us to effectively rewrite slow performing SQL to accelerate database performance and optimise indexes.

We provide ongoing monitoring and support to prevent future issues.

Let's Make Connections

Integration Features

Keep Talking

Documents in one system and customer information in another? API integration allows different systems to talk to each other.

Robust/Tested Code

Our cloud database platform has undergone hundreds of hours of testing to reach a level of robust maturity.

Keep Databases In Sync

As business grows duplicate and disparate data stores can arise. Our synchronisation mechanisms ensure databases stay synchronised.

Flexible & Configurable

You can add columns/tables, change validations/messages and more… by yourself, AT NO COST!


Sophisticated security and permissions ensure that only the right people can access the right data sets.

Consolidated Database

We have the resources and skills to bring multiple databases and software systems together.

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